Williams Mobile


Williams Mobile is a Android and iOS app that hopes to be your one stop shop for all things Williams! It is built by students, for students.

Some features include:

Calendar (Optional)

Sign in with your Google Calendar account to seamlessly add and sync Williams events to your calendar. Events added through the app will appear in app, but also in your Google Calendar so that you can view them alongside your other events/calendars.


Browse all events happening at Williams. All events are displayed chronologically so that you can quickly see what's going on in the Williams community today. Expand the event cards to view more information, and even click on links to learn more about the event.

Daily Messages

Daily Messages are a perfect way to communicate with the Williams community, so we enhanced their visibility and ease of access so that finding out what's happening at Williams is easier than ever.


Dining has been designed so that finding out when and where to eat is as easy as possible. We've even added snack bar menus/calculators so that you can get the most out of your swipe.


We've brought WSO to mobile so that you can quickly read up about a professor on Factrak, search up someone on Facebook, or engage with any of the other powerful tools the WSO team has built.

And much more!

Download the app on Android or iOS to try the app out.